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Innovative eco-friendly filtration

Makes it possible to dehydrate products that are difficult to filter by combining pressure filtration with the application of an electric field. This technology avoids the addition of additives that could contaminate the final product.
This application allows in particular to :
– Reduce the filtration time
– Increase the quality of the dehydration
– Reduce energy consumption compared to thermal dewatering
This equipment can be adapted to existing machines.


areas of application today that can be filtered

(Sludge containing hydrocarbons, drilling mud, spa sludge and fish farming sludge)


of dryness obtained


reduction of reagents


Constantly innovating equipment to be at the cutting edge of technology and to be as close as possible to your needs

Our machines are not only robust and efficient, they are now connected to a team of experts capable of anticipating your needs. Technical assistance can be provided on site or remotely.


Reduced environmental impact by optimising the design of the equipment

The energy consumption of our filter presses is well below average and the maintenance cost is practically negligible since the only consumable material is the filter cloths which have also benefited from technological progress and can ensure several thousand filtration cycles.