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Mécanique d’étenderie pour le verre plat

CHOQUENET Mechanical drives for float glass

CHOQUENET is a French family-owned company with a worldwide reputation in the field of float glass mechanics. The French workshops have equipped a large number of float glass production lines across the five continents. With an excellent reputation in the market, CHOQUENET is the last company to have the knowledge, engineering, manufacturing and management of more than 150 float glass production lines in the world. CHOQUENET is recognized as one of the fathers of the mechanical drives industry still in operation.


TERMECA CHOQUENET specializes in float bath accessories and annealing lehrs for flat glass production
As an engineering company, TERMECA has joined forces with CHOQUENET, a French workshop manufacturing mechanical drives since the 1960s.
TERMECA CHOQUENET specialises in float glass production technologies: float bath accessories for forming, annealing lehrs for cooling, CHOQUENET mechanical drives for conveying. The engineering company works internationally and supports more than 100 clients in Europe, the United States, South America, South Africa and Asia.

TERMECA CHOQUENET est spécialisé dans les auxiliaires de bain d’étain et les étenderies de recuisson pour la production de verre plat.
TERMECA CHOQUENET Offrent des solutions à haute valeur ajoutée

TERMECA CHOQUENET offers high added value solutions

Whatever the type of equipment, TERMECA CHOQUENET takes care of the design, manufacture, integration of new production lines and the repair, replacement of parts and optimisation of existing production lines, worldwide.
TERMECA CHOQUENET provides cold repair and maintenance on existing lines worldwide.




CHOQUENET mechanics in operation around the world


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