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Year of the creation of the Choquenet company

The company “Fabrication et Ateliers Lucien CHOQUENET” was founded in 1925 by Mr. Lucien CHOQUENET. Its first vocation was to supply equipment to local industries and more particularly to sugar factories and distilleries.

In 1925 M. Louis BOUDIN, father-in-law of Mr. L. CHOQUENET and director of SAINT GOBAIN glass factory, invented the flat glass flow process and committed the manufacture of the first glass rolling machines in the world to the CHOQUENET company.
For a long time, the company’s two specialties were sugar and glass equipment.


Laurie CHOQUENET, 4th generation, took over in 2020

Today the company has not only developed in the field of urban and industrial water treatment but is also involved in many processes of implementation of products such as in chemical, pharmaceutical, mining industries, etc.

“Our vision and values are constantly evolving to adapt to the ecological and economic challenges of today and tomorrow. As a 100 year-old family-owned company, we place customer satisfaction at the heart of our concerns.
With our high quality and highly technical products, we are responsible for the world of tomorrow. Collaborate with Choquenet means adopting values and a state of mind that will make us all better.


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Choquenet, a set of values in everyday life



Performance & Reliability

For nearly 100 years, CHOQUENET has developed a robust, reliable product that can withstand any test. These essential values have been reinforced by the perpetuation and optimisation of the design of the filter press, which today makes it more efficient, more automatic, more eco-responsible and as inexhaustible as ever.



CHOQUENET reinvents itself every day in order to offer solutions that are best adapted to our customers’ constraints. With this in mind, Choquenet has worked hard in recent years to expand its product range.



CHOQUENET offers the possibility of a complete technical expertise of the client’s industrial process and the implementation of a maintenance contract, whether or not the equipment is supplied. The primary objective is to accompany the customer in the heart of its concerns, namely the search for performance, the reliability of equipment while emphasizing the economic interest.

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Choquenet is committed to the future


CHOQUENET is MASE certified – Manuel d’Amélioration Sécurité des Entreprises.
MASE is a management system whose objective is the permanent and continuous improvement of the Safety, Health and Environment performance of companies.
The certification brings guarantees in terms of management of professional risks within our company but also in the user companies in which we intervene.
This approach is essential for CHOQUENET as it underlines the importance we attach to guaranteeing the Health and Safety of our employees and the protection of our Environment.

Choquenet is committed to the future


CHOQUENET has AEO status – Authorised Economic Operator
The AEO status has enabled CHOQUENET, which carries out an activity related to international trade, to acquire a label of confidence and quality for the customs and security-safety processes it implements. It distinguishes the most reliable companies. Issued by the French Customs, it is recognized throughout the European Union (EU) and in countries that have signed mutual recognition agreements.