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The environmental protection has become essential. The water quality is a rare and expensive commodity and its production involves a problem more and more present withthe industrial or urban slurries which need to be eliminated at a lower cost and if possible to be recovered.

The filter press has an important place in many industries where it can concentrate the sludge and be used either during production or in the final treatment of effluents. It is a device used to filter under pressure liquids loaded with solid particles in suspension.

The filter press is composed of 3 main parts: the frame, the filtering part and the hydraulic unit. Our design of the filter press with two side longitudinal columns, allows easy maintenance by removing the plates from the top of the device.

We offer several sizes of filter presses, from 250x250mm to 2500x2500mm with filtration pressures up to 30 bars.

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Areas related to our filter press solution


Filtration and clarification of food products Filtration for Food Industry


Choquenet has developed a strong experience in the filtration and clarification of food products, such as enzymes, beverages (beer, wine, etc.), vegetable or animal oils as well as residues from physical-chemical and biological treatments.

Filtration of mining concentrates and tailings


The filtration of concentrates and mine tailings has become a worldwide issue. Our machines are used in the enrichment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, molybdenum, gold, silver, etc., as well as in the treatment of tailings (iron ore, red mud, etc.)

Sugar beet and cane processing Carbonation Phosphatization Filtration

Sugar factory and refinery

Historical sector of activity which has propelled CHOQUENET to the position of world leader in the transformation of sugar beet into sugar. Our equipment, filter presses and candle thickeners are used today in the beet and sugar cane transformation processes, or in the process of refining brown sugar into white sugar.

Wastewater treatment

Water treatment

The treatment of wastewater has become a key issue for the preservation of our environment. The filter press is the technology that allows the highest degree of solid/liquid separation. Our machines are used to dehydrate all types of organic or mineral sludge, thus enabling the reuse and preservation of the water resulting from these treatments.



Our filters are used in various types of treatment such as sand, gravel, marble or silt.
The high water consumption generated by this industry makes the Choquenet filter press the most successful technology today for maximizing water reuse.
In addition, the high dewatering of the cakes offers a considerable reduction in the volume of solid matter, thus limiting the volume and environmental impact.

Hydrocarbon filtration

Oil and gas

Our machines are used to purify various hydrocarbons with or without filtration agents.
We offer filters that are adapted to the extreme process conditions of this type of application (100% Atex filter, 100% waterproof) with the sole objective of performance and personnel safety.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical and Pharmacetical

Filter presses can be used in purification to extract the solid molecules that make up medicines. The options available for filter presses are compatible and allow for the filtration of all types of products (adaptation of the materials in contact with the product and implementation of safety measures).


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