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Maintenance and expertise

With a team of more than 15 people, we put all our resources at your disposal to ensure a global and complete follow-up of your machines. Our experts intervene all over the world in order to guarantee you the best performance of our equipment. We have several mechanics and hydraulic engineers who will help you in the management of corrective maintenance
Our offer extends over several fields, from the simple replacement of worn parts to the advanced optimization of the performance of our machines with the support of our automation specialists and engineers.
As preventive maintenance has become a major issue in recent years, we also offer maintenance and monitoring contracts for installations, thus ensuring the reliability of your installations with complete peace of mind.

Test & Laboratory Analysis

Our chemist teams can carry out filtration tests on Buchner or filter-presses for you, but also conditioning measurements via Jar-test, turbidity, viscosity, metal content, dry matter content measurements and so on. In the case of products that are not stable over time or cannot be transported, tests can also be carried out on site.

Spare parts

From the oldest to the most recent of our machines, we are able to provide you with the entirety of the parts making up our equipment.
Our dedicated after-sales service is at your disposal for any request for quotation and supply of spare parts related to our equipment and accessories.

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