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Exofalc Choquenet candle filter

The Exofalc Choquenet candle filter is used in many industries such as the food industry (sugar refinery, cocoa, etc.), chemicals, alumina, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Indeed, its simplicity of use (100% automatic) combined with a technology allowing a high concentration of sludge makes it a formidable thickening filter adaptable to many fields.
It offers high filtration rates/filtering surface ratios for a modest footprint.
A permanent visual control of the quality of the filtrate allows to react instantly in case of a punctured or clogged cloth, each ramp being individual, it can be isolated in order to maintain a high production rate.
It also has the advantage of being able to see its internal filtering surface evolve according to customer constraints without modifying its external environment.
Finally, due to its design and degree of automation, it allows increased productivity with very low operating costs.