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Choquenet - Revamping

Reduction of our CO2 emissions

Choquenet is going further in its commitment to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of its CO2 emissions.
From the sales department, through the design office, to the manufacturing workshops, Choquenet has now set up an operating process exclusively dedicated to the circular economy of its machines.


In fact, in parallel to our daily new projects, we are now able to remanufacture used filters to give them a new lease of life and allow them to live new adventures in an identical or different industrial environment.
By actively participating in the preservation of our planet, the interests of such a solution are multiple for our customers.
The history and experience acquired during the first life of the machine allows us to propose ergonomic, technical and economic improvements to the machine.
Our customers thus benefit from used equipment with the same or even higher level of performance and quality than the original, at a lower cost than a new investment.

Choquenet - Revamping